Audio Theater Skills Training

Technical training for theater groups and schools. Putting your imagination to work.
Increasing Acting Opportunities for little or No Money.

It's the exciting world of audio drama. Where technology doesn't have to get in the way.

Creating sound effects can even rival acting for being more fun. Learn how to create the noises that make the show come alive.
(Demonstration of safe glass breaking.
Most of the time, just good clean fun.
(Boiling Water?)
But some times you just have to do what you have to do. (Sloshing oatmeal sound like .... well you know.
In the class room...
(Minor HS, Birmingham, AL)
Or on stage.
(The Lovett Middle School Play.)

The Alabama Conference of Theatre and Speech said:
The ingenious Henry Howard...was back by popular demand, corralling students and teachers for an impromptu radio show. In mere minutes he demonstrated the endless possibilities of his sound effects created from everyday items, rehearsed his actors and technicians, and recorded a hilarious spoof on the old cliff hanger radio serials. It was clearly a lesson in hands-on-learning! Participants came away with a new perspective on Radio Theatre as a venue for high school and college drama programs working under budget restrictions.

In 2007 Atlanta's Theatrical Outfit contracted for sound effects assistance for their production of It's A Wonderful Life. The effects had to be gathered or constructed and the actors had to be trained in how to perform each effect. That production was a finalist in the Suzie Bass Awards competition for sound design.
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