Corporate Talk Radio

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Audio Newsletters:

Corporate Talk Radio is a new use of an old communications format. Based around the acceptance of talk radio, Corporate Talk Radio is a company news letter in an audio cassette format. It is best used when the target audience is geographically separated and may have little personal contact with the corporate office.

Corporate Talk Radio is used to highlight or summarize the vast amounts of information that is sent in print or e-mail to the field each month. By using regular columns from different headquarters personnel, a summary of company activity is presented in a more personal style. New players and new services can be introduced. The inflections of voice can communicate more sincerity than the printed page. An exchange of ideas between staff members can build the team spirit, and leave everyone feeling more included.

Corporate Talk Radio uses location recordings of corporate staff members, studio recordings of staff, suppliers and others, plus recorded telephone interviews with those in the field to keep everyone up to speed and feeling connected.

Corporate Talk Radio has an informality that can overcome that disconnected isolation feeling for those in the field. It's also cost effective when compared to printed newsletters.

Distribute it on cassette for in car listening, cd, podcast or put it on the web.

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